Thanks and Credits

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Our eternal gratitude and thanks to:

MASSAMBA DIOP AND FAMILY - our ever-generous hosts who invited us all to Senegal, hosted us at their house, fed us delicious meals, introduced us to their family and friends, found us the best teachers, translated for us, negotiated for us, advised us, played for and with us, and generally made us feel more at home than when we are at home.

TONY VACCA - who, with MASSAMBA, birthed the Senegal-America Project and invited us all along.

JEAN BUTLER AND HER NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION, ARTS ARE ESSENTIAL, who supported us, organized the myriad of details involved with the trip, and mothered us all throughout the trip.

MEMBER SCHOOLS - who believed in us and invested in us, getting the Senegal-America Project off the ground.

THE CREW - who lent their many and varied talents to developing and carrying through the SA Project with heart, creativity, and strong and sensitive energy. As Bob Lombardo said, "Until this trip we were all best friends who just hadn't met yet."

THE PEOPLE OF SENEGAL - who welcomed us with open arms, shared their ideas and talents, and encouraged us to learn and grow.

OUR FORMAL TEACHERS -MASSAMBA DIOP, NDONGO DIOP, ABDOU SARR, AISSATA CISSE and OUSMANE N'DIAYE who showed us patience and smiles as they taught us how to play Senegalese music and dance.

OUR INFORMAL TEACHERS - MOISE NIASSY AGNESSA and PAPE SAKHO who appeared just when we needed them and taught us lessons in music, dance, and culture and how to share from the inside out.

MOUSSA BA, EL HADJI YOUM, ABDOURAHMANE SAMB, AND SOULEYMANE NIANG who made the visit to the school possible.

BATHIE POUYE, manager of GOKH-BI SYSTEM, who connected us with the mayors of Dakar and with the families in Guinaw Rail for the "Day in the Life" filming.

SYLVAINE AND GERARD CHENET - the architects and owners of Espace Sobobade, who made sure that we had everything we needed to fully experience the people and culture of Senegal and to send the information back to our friends at home, all while enjoying their incredibly beautiful and comfortable lodgings.

THE CHESTER COUNTY INTERMEDIATE UNIT who lent us all the computers and equipment we needed to complete the technical aspects of the trip, and who generously and expertly guided us through our set up before we left and our debriefing upon our return.

THE STAFF AT THE APPLE STORE IN KING OF PRUSSIA, PA who tutored us in the possibilities and strengths of the iLife software that enabled us to create a fully multi-media web site.

JOSH REDEL and BRAD ROCKOWICZ who consulted with our web master, Debby Kern, at the inception of the project.

OUR PHOTOGRAPHERS - Kim Brosnan-Myers, Will Daniels, Burchie Green, Rich Haxti, Debby Kern, Bob and Zan Lombardo, Lenny Moitoso, and Tony Vacca

OUR JOURNALISTS - Kim Brosnan-Myers, Will Daniels, Irma Gardner-Hammond, Burchie Green, Rich Haxti, Debby Kern, Zan Lombardo, Lenny Moitoso, and Tony Vacca

OUR LESSON PLANNERS - Zan Lombardo, Elizabeth Burns, Katie Butler, Burchie Green, Irma Gardner-Hammond, Rich Haxti, Debby Kern, Lenny Moitoso, and Kim Brosnan-Myers

OUR VIDEOGRAPHERS - Robbie Leppzer and Earl Hammond - stay tuned...

OUR AUDIO RECORDING SPECIALIST - Derrik Jordan who boosted the spirits and income of many Senegalese musicians with his CD creating recording project.

SIOMARA GREEN - our chief friend-maker and joy-bringer

DEBBY KERN - our web master and author of anything that doesn't have another name on it, who continues to hound us all into contributing our thoughts and ideas, writings, lesson plans, photos, audio and visuals so that kids all over the world can experience the wonder of life in Senegal.

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