Links to Our Friends and Our Hosts

Senegal-America Project, Our First Trip in 1998
Tony Vacca's official web site - educational programs, concerts, World Rhythms™ member profiles, get a balafon, etc.
Burchie Green's web site - music for children of all ages by Montessori educators
Turning Tide Productions - Robbie Leppzer's video site
Baaba Maal's official web site - tour schedule, discography, listen to music, biography, etc.
Espace Sobobade - our home away from home (conference center in Toubab Dialaw where the Senegal-America crew will be staying)
The Hardwick Group, Inc. - Will Daniel's consulting company
Barou Sall - The Hoddu & Xalam of Senegal: Griot Roots of American Banjo

Links for Class Activities

Voices: The World Outside My Door - Linda Kreft brings us connections to Senufo Voices, The Middle Passage, Transatlantic Dialogue, and many more thought provoking issues and events of our times
Discovering Mudcloth - a Smithsonian African Voices exhibit - information about the process of creating mudcloth and a chance to make your own virtual cloth

PBS Africa - co-produced by PBS, NATURE, and NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, this site features exlorations of the regions, an Africa challenge game, great photos, a children's section, and teachers' tools. Suberb!

African Voices - a permanent exhibition that examines the diversity, dynamism, and global influence of Africa’s peoples and cultures over time in the realms of family, work, community, and the natural environment
The Art of the African Mask - all about African masks that are dramatic portraits of spirit beings, departed ancestors, and invisible powers of social controlworn by a trained performers in traditional ceremonies
African Cultural Studies - Multimedia Archives - pictures of African masks, animals, flags, and more
Virtual Visit of Goree Island - photos, text, and videos make you feel like you are really there with the full impact of the sad history of this slave port
Senegal: Land of the Baobab - background info and pictures about Dakar, Goree, Fadiouth, and St. Louis.
World Wise Schools: Destination Senegal - a correspondence "match" program between Peace Corps Volunteers and U.S. classes, this page provides a broad range of resources for educators including videos, teacher guides, and classroom activities. Check out the African Myth section at http://www.peacecorps.gov/wws/guides/senegal/1.html
SchoolNet-Africa Map Game - an interactive map of Africa that includes very easy through harder modes. This game can be a great help for students to visualize and learn the names of countries and their arrangement on the continent.
Cora Connection - a page created by the band "Cora Connections" has great information and sample sounds of the balafon, kora, and ngoni (spellings may vary). You’ll find some great links to master players, too.
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